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Range SR

Range SR

CNC PRO TECPACK offers a complete range of rotative machines for HDPE extruded containers: agri-food, drinks, dairies, home care, personal care.

Main electric panel and control board

The control and monitoring devices are grouped together on a control panel on the machine, within reach of the operator: Extruder motor ammeter, heating zone pyrometers, pressure gauge for blowing, bottle per minute counter of the mold support rotary unit, Warning lights, etc.... Various safety devices are provided: Key-switch, Electro-mechanical protective devices in the mold clamping zone, Emergency stop.

Peripheral equipment

  • Bottle extractor: The SR includes an automatic ejection system, which sucks out the blown container, as the mold opens, and transports it on the automatic neck-trimming unit.
  • Neck trimming unit: After positioning on the neck-trimming unit the blown containers are conveyed to a single disk rotary neck trimming which cuts off the neck-scrap. The finished items and the neck-scraps are automatically separated for their respecting conveying(option). The neck-trimming unit can be adjusted to suit any item height and neck types (ring neck, screw neck, etc.).
  • Crushing machine: The machine can recycle the tail-scraps, neck-scraps and parisons, after being ground.
  • Feeding Unit - Dosing Unit: A system can be fitted to allow filling of the extruder with mixing of virgin raw material, recycled and coloring.


Only available on models SR6, SR8 and SR10:

Parison control

The SR machine can be equipped with a parison control head. This equipment allows to control the thickness of the side of the containers. This system is controlled by a hydraulic servo cylinder. The use of parison control enables to optimize the bottles weight which permits a reducing of this weight and thus, savings.


The SR machine is designed to receive a kit of coextrusion. This one consists of an additional extrusion machine, a changer of sieve and a specific head of extrusion. This additional extrusion machine enables to treat the aggregates of crushing colored in black. The changer of sieve enables to recover the impurities of crushing. This unit thus made up allows to carry out a multi-layer parison W/B/W: two external layers made out of virgin and clean raw material colored in white, and a black internal layer being used as a barrier to UV.

Transport of the articles and wastes:

The SR machine can also be equipped with conveying systems of items to silo(s) or scraps to the crushing machine.

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