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Whether it is for agri-food, drinks, dairies, home care or personal care and cosmetics, FASTBLOW 2 fulfilled all the needs.

Designed by Cyril Lebrun and his team of engineers, FASTBLOW 2 has been conceived to produce PET containers. The blower is able to produce different sizes with an easy change of personalization.

The machine has been optimized to do so very quickly to allow the shortest stops of production.

100% electric and user friendly, this linear machine is equipped with 2 molds offering a perfect modularity as an easy and inexpensive maintenance. Compact and versatile, FASTBLOW 2 produces containers up to 5 litres. The output rate is above the competition with 4 400BpH in 0.5l.


This machine has 2 main axes equipped with linear drive technology allowing great modularity and reduced maintenance.

FASTBLOW 2 operates following these steps:

  • Hopper receives preforms,
  • Elevator with cleated belt carries preforms to orientating cylinders,
  • Preform unscrambler rollers bring them to top of infeed rail,
  • Preforms slide down to the infeed block to be fed to the IR oven,
  • The oven spindle carriages are conveying the preforms through several IR ovens to heat process the preforms,
  • The transfer arm carries the hot preforms to the opened mold,
  • Preform is stretched/blow in the mold cavity,
  • HP is then applied to cavity to finish the cycle,
  • Bottle Transfer arm deposit containers to customer outfeed conveying system.


Personalization set

This set includes:

  • a preform loading wheel and guides,
  • spindle tips,
  • preform transfer grippers,
  • bottle grippers molds.

Set of molds

The set is composed of 2 molds +1 spare.

Mother shell holders

Allows a fast change of molds.

Mold transport/setting cart

The cart allows an easy and safely molds removal from station, as well as settings. The cart includes:

  • a mobile cart,
  • a height adjustment tool,
  • a double drawer to open both molds and operates an easy and effortless maintenance no workbench necessary.
  • pneumatic cylinders to handle without effort the molds from the machine and the cart & vice versa.

Controlled mold compensation

Existing direct mold compensation can be modified as needed to include controlled mold compensation time through a control valve.

Neck cooling

Mold neck cooling is available.

Additional IR Camera for preform temperature control (oven)

Existing IR camera at oven end, additional camera can be added.

Electrical panel AC System

For temperatures over 30°C, we recommend installation of an AC system to control panel ambient air temperature and dew point.

Ceramics reflectors

Existing oven reflectors are polished stainless steel, Ceramic reflectors available on demand.

Lamps power

1 000 and 2 000W IR lamps are oven standard, possibility of 2 000 and 3 000W IR lamps.

Eco IR Lamps

Semi-eco lamps are oven standard, Eco IR Lamps are available on demand.

Additional heat bank

3 Heat banks are oven standard. A 4th one (bank + reflectors) is available on demand.

CHP kit

To produce specific containers (asymmetric or flat), a preferential heat system is available. It is positioned in replacement of the last heat bank. A standard bank is still supplied.

Cooling air filtration (oven)

G4 filtration level is equipment standard. Additional filtration can be added. The kit is composed of:

  • a box of filter’s supports with H11 filtration level + fasteners + rigid line,
  • additional fan,
  • stainless steel ventilation box.

Defective bottles ejection

This system ejects defected bottles to avoid accumulation on the conveying system.

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